VLF Detector models, which can distinguish gold very well, can distinguish not only gold, but also silver, bronze and non-precious metals. However, it should not be forgotten that although the detector's prices are expensive, they cannot make a precise and clear distinction from gold. In tin and chrome plating, which we call galvanization in terms of gold separation, painted and baked steel mixture metals can make mistakes. We, AS AZIZ DETECTOR TECHNOLOGIES, describe all the devices we test while promoting them in our videos. Although VLF Detectors distinguish gold and metal better than PULSE Detectors, they detect and detect more deeply in coils designed in the same head sizes. Those who want to buy a treasure detector, while buying a gold discrimination treasure detector, it is useful to buy devices with well-designed analog systems and well-made software.

Today, many companies do not properly distinguish gold from the detectors they produce in the production of treasure detectors. We recommend you to examine the Gold Finder and Marduk Az 7000 detector and underground imaging systems when purchasing a treasure search detector. Treasure detectors produced in the world are generally produced for superficial and single coin searches. Treasure search detectors produced in deep are sold very expensively because they are sold in Dollars and Euros.

Detector models produced by Aziz Detector Technologies in the last 10 years work by making both affordable and better quality distinctions according to world detector prices. When you want to buy a treasure search detector and a gold search detector, you can get information by testing it at Aziz Detector Technologies stores in Istanbul Üsküdar Altunizade. Or you can buy at affordable prices. Detector models and prices vary according to the number of heads and size ratios.

The quality of the detector must distinguish the treasure it finds in the soil as gold, and it must also find it in mineralized soils from deep. Aziz Detector sells and rents the best treasure detectors, apart from more than 40 gold-separated area scanning and underground imaging devices in its store. Before purchasing a detector, please contact us to purchase the best gold discrimination treasure detector. Finally, a quality treasure detector should make a distinction by detecting deeply, working stably in the soil and finding valuable commodities such as gold, silver, bronze, bronze in soil and poop with guarantee.

How should a gold detector be? Every treasure hunter who wants to buy a detector wants the detectors they buy to be able to find metals in soil and rock, and they want them to find deep treasures without interference in mineral soils. However, every detector does not distinguish between gold, silver, and worthless metals at the best 70%. It is useful for treasure enthusiasts to purchase gold detectors from reliable companies. Do not forget that no matter which detector you buy, do not forget that it makes a mistake.

Field Scanning devices, Field Scanning systems prepared with electronic circuits, these systems are generally made as single use.
These are the ones with frequency circuits, whose antennas are prepared with chemical devices.
As a result, regardless of these systems, field scanning devices prepared with the best system have a success rate of 50 percent. However, it should not be forgotten that it has the feature of directing to areas 50 to 200 meters away. The place it directs should be analyzed very well or it is useful to look at it with a deep detector or image system.

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